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Finding the best penis extender can feel like navigating a puzzling maze. What if you find someone who has the map and experience to help you locate the treasure and safely exit the maze?

Cool right? I’ll be your equipped and experienced guide!

Would you let me?

Perhaps you’ve spent time looking for reliable information and first-hand testimonies from users of penis enlargement extenders. Misleading advertisements, obscure reviews, and dubious ratings are everywhere.

Finding reliable customer stories and real experiences feels like digging for gold with a rubber spoon every day. Fortunately, you’re reading from a journalist who’s passionate about penis extenders. I’ve been writing about various penis extenders for 10 years.

Take it from me: forums remain the most reliable source of information about penis enlargement.

Yes, I know you’re tired of reading the forums. And currently, information from social networks attracts more audiences. But what I’m about to share is exclusively off social networks. This’s something very personal, though without real names and face photographs.

In this penis extender review, you’ll find a personal testimonial based on many years of experience using different penis enlargement devices. I hope to help you choose a suitable penis stretcher, despite the odds. You don’t have to be afraid and confused, not after reading this article.


Without much ado, here are the top four penis extenders that I personally recommend:

#1. Quick Extender Pro(9/10) – leading evidently by many years in penis extender sales, reviews on forums, and user confidence. It has the best design that protects the penis from slipping off the device (Double Strap Support system).

From many reviews, this penis enlargement device offers a mix of comfort, durability, and safety. It causes no irritation, inflammation, and unpleasant reactions.

It has up to 4000 grams of tension, a DSS system for comfort and efficiency, a complete set of accessories you may need, a 2-year warranty, and guaranteed money back within 180 days.

Quick Extender Pro prices and packages:

  • Value edition – $119.93(2500 gr tension springs)
  • Standard – $179.93(3500 gr tension springs)
  • Deluxe – $349.93(4000 gr tension springs)

#2. SizeGenetics(8/10) is the most classic penis stretching device with cool accessories for comfort and quality. No side effects when you wear with 3M plaster, No-slip protect, and other accessories.

I’ve made several videos about this top penis extender, plus I’ve not used an extender for a longer time than this. Here’s more, SizeGenetics is the only FDA-approved extender so far. It has 16-way Ultimate comfort system, medical institute certification, and up to 2800 grams of tension.

SizeGenetics prices and packages:

  • Value edition – $199.95
  • Comfort Package – $249.95 (+luxury leather case, more elongation bars, No-slip protect, 3M comfort plaster)
  • Ultimate System – $299.95 (+ Cream Moisturizer, Traction Talcum powder, elongation bars)
  • Curvature&Peyronies edition – $299.95 (EXTRA silicone tube, Cohesive Gauze, Extra dual-function front piece, 3M comfort plaster)

#3. Phallosan Forte(PLUS) (7/10) is functional and comfortable. You can sleep with it, wear it, and use it in different ways. It is the best in many ways but not in every standard. Phallosan Forte is a German design with a patented medical-grade device(read my Phallosan Forte review).

It contains the best and most enjoyable materials for protecting the penis glans and keeping it in the device during use. The design is intelligently suited for the natural anatomy of the penis.

Due to ease and comfort, this penis enhancement device can be used for a long time during the day. All you need is to set the required load, monitor your progress, and document your data. In general, Phallosan Forte is one of the best penis extenders of innovation in every way.

It has a custom mobile App where users easily carry out a routine, motivate themselves, and track their progress. Its traction is up to 4000g with a proprietary design in the form of a rod extender (PLUS). Still, Phallosan Forte is not perfect for everyone.

Phallosan Forte packages and prices:

#4. Penimaster PRO (6/10) — I love this penis extender, and many consider it the best. Pulling Force Generator is a development of Penimaster. This device is at the heart of all the newest penis traction devices of the company: Rod Extender, Belt Expander, Complete Set, and Weight Expander.

It has a unique vacuum chamber(Pulling Force Generator), holding the penis glans during use. Since membranes and condoms are used with this penis stretcher, the vacuum does not act directly on the penile skin.

Thus, its use is safe and effective. In Penimaster PRO (the Complete Set), there are two kinds of fasteners for quick results. All spare parts are collected in a single case which makes it easy to transport and store.

Penimaster PRO packages and prices:


#1. Quick Extender Pro (9/10)

What is this extender?

Brief facts:

  • Money-back – 180 days
  • Benefits: up to 4000 gr tension springs; DSS comfort system; Memory Foam Pads
  • Shipping: Free shipping(globally)
  • Prices – $119- $349 (Get 80% OFF today)
  • Official purchase: com

Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender, in my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of men worldwide for a reason. Firstly, its unique design and special DSS system allow you to hold the penis in the extender structure using two loops.

Each of them is located in the Memory Foam Pad, which remembers the anatomical shape of your penis and adjusts to it, creating the desired comfort – the skin breathes.

I could not believe that such a simple technique as creating two retention points for the penis can help so much in matters of penis enlargement and alignment:

  1. The load on the penis is distributed. Now it acts not at one point but in two, and this discharges 50 /50. Believe me, when you wear a penis extender, it is significant.
  2. Thanks to the breathable Memory Foam Pads and the unique medical materials from which they are made – where they hold the penis in the loop – bacteria do not accumulate, the tissues of the penis breathe, which contributes to the painless wearing of the penis stretcher.
  3. Thanks to two loops, the penis will never slip out of the structure, the settings will not get lost, and there is no need to put on the penis stretcher again.

What are the benefits?

It’s very light. Thanks to the aluminum bars and super lightweight materials, you barely feel the weight of the extender on your penis. And this is important because you need to wear it up to 4 hours a day, albeit intermittently. Any weight can be felt on such a delicate organ, so it is simply unbearably painful to wear if the extender is heavy.

Other benefits include the availability of many accessories for both comfort and effective penis stretching. It is possible to increase traction using springs, and the total traction force can reach 4000 grams. This is very significant, even though 2500 grams of tension is enough to get maximum results.

What packages are available, and which is the best one?

The full package(DELUXE) of this penis stretching device (and there are only 4) contains the entire set of accessories and spare parts(Pure-Air Antibacterial Memory Foam, Small/Medium/Large aluminum bars, Foam pads).

At the same time, it includes springs capable of creating tension up to 4000 grams.

If you want to buy the best penis straightener, then Quick Extender Pro offers a special version of Curvature & Peyronies, which is distinguished by the presence of maximum springs and a set of necessary accessories for comfort. It should be understood that straightening the penis is a process that requires a rigid structure to correct any curvature.

What’s my take on it?

I love this penis extender because of its own unique Quick Extender Pro (DSS) technology, the complete set of different rod lengths, lightness, and functionality. I change foam pads all the time, and there are many of them in my DELUXE package.

When I was just about to use it and started to open the bag, I thought – is there an opportunity to change the springs, and what if the silicone loop is lost or broken?

I was so surprised at all the variety of accessories and spare parts I found, and the presence of a penis pump really surprised me. I forgot about it and then used it constantly to increase erection and load on the penis. The vacuum generated by the pump allows penile tissue stretching for growth.

# 2. SizeGenetics (8/10)

What is this extender?

Brief review:

  • Benefits: up to 2800 gr of tension; 16-way comfort system; FDA cleared;
  • Money-back: 120 days
  • Prices – $199.95-$299.95
  • Official purchase: com

It’s the classic version of the best penis extender globally, as it has been for the last 20 years. Instead, a prototype of SizeGenetics called Jes Extender. There is also the same copy called Pro Extender.

In any case, I want to say that SizeGenetics is constantly evolving. No, its basic structure is still intact, but the set of accessories is incredible and continuously updated:

  • 3-M comfort plaster
  • No-slip protect
  • Cohesive Gauze
  • Cream Moisturizer
  • Traction Talcum Powder

All this makes SizeGenetics a very functional and comfortable penis extender, and it’s still one of the best on the market. You can secure the penis in a high-quality manner so that it does not fall out of it and the settings do not go astray.

At the same time, you can wear the penis stretcher with comfort so that the friction of the strap or loop does not cause discomfort and other adverse reactions.

SizeGenetics design is based on the classic penis traction technology and is its benchmark.

What has changed in the last 20 years since this device appeared?

The technology has remained the same. But just now, comfort comes to the fore, and the company developer, DanaMedic, was the first to create a rich palette of accessories for convenient penis traction.

But all the same, many experienced users come up with how to better protect their penis. I think that this is not necessary if you buy the Ultimate SizeGenetics package.

Which package to choose?

SizeGenetics has four packs of extenders. Three of them(Value edition, Comfort pack, Ultimate) have different content for quantity and quality of comfort accessories. And one of them is created specifically for men who want to fix their penis curvature(Curvature and Peyronies package).

SizeGenetics’ price is slightly higher than others(up to $299), but the brand is very famous. The product itself is of European quality and is recommended by the FDA.

If you want precise and flawless extender performance, then SizeGenetics is for you.

What’s my opinion about the device?

I have been using SizeGenetics for four months. I watched many videos on how to use it better, put it on and off quickly, and make it as comfortable as possible to wear. I want to say that I learned everything, and it was not difficult.

I did a great job setting the deadlift, adding barbells when my penis grew one inch, which I was pleased about, and it was comfortable for me. Of course, it was difficult in the first two weeks, but it’s all a matter of habit. I wanted to become a power user quickly, and it happened faster than I thought.

I’m happy to share my advice on how best to use SizeGenetics penis extender, and my Youtube videowith advice has already collected over 10,000 views and many likes.

#3. Phallosan forte (7/10)

What is this penis extender?

Brief review:

  • Benefits: up to 3000 gr tension; Vacuum-adhesive device; comfort and safety, rod-extender attachment(PLUS version);
  • Prices – $378- $499
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Official purchase: phallosan.com

It’s time to tell you about the most comfortable and powerful penis traction device made by German specialists in compliance with all European quality and safety standards.

The uniqueness of Phallosan Forte – in its own penis stretching system, which includes a unique vacuum chamber(BELL), the scale indicates the level of tension(tension clip), foam ring, and a soft, comfortable strap secured around the waist.

In general, this penis stretching device is very comfortable and effective for both penis enlargement and straightening. To correct the curvature for quite a long time (6-8 months), wear the penis stretcher in the counter field standby hydrochloric curvature of the side.

As for the device’s effectiveness for the growth of the penis in length and width has been proven. On average, men enlarge their penis with the Phallosan Forte by two inches.

This fact is officially documented and proven(check out the official site). All you have to do is follow the instructions. Creating a vacuum is simple. Your penis is protected from the vacuum’s action on the glans’ mucous membrane as you wear it with a Protector cap and a condom.

These accessories are suited to the body, they are easy to wear, but they tear pretty quickly. Therefore, when ordering, it is possible to ask for four free sleeve condoms, which will arrive in a parcel. Their total cost is $100.

Only a few people know that you need to indicate that you want to get four sleeves as a bonus in the comments to the Phallosan Forte order, and you are guaranteed to receive it. But this is definitely an insider’s guide.

What kinds of Phallosan Forte penis extenders are available?

I initially bought the classic version of the Phallosan Forte, and after that, I purchased the PLUSattachment, which consists of rods and tension screws. With its help, you can unfasten the belt mount and replace it with a rigid rod structure.

It allows you to stretch the penis even more efficiently because you can increase the tension and rigidity of the penis extender.

In general, you can use the traction level up to 4000 grams.

What’s my opinion about this penis stretcher?

Here the perks of using Phallosan Forte:

  1. You can safely use it while sleeping. With the help of a strap attachment, the structure is not rigid, making it possible to sleep with it.
  2. The tension clip is a proprietary development of Phallosan Forte, and I have not seen anything like this in any extender, even the best ones. You always focus on the sensations and check if the penis is securely attached to the device.
  3. The vacuum always keeps the head of the penis securely in the vacuum chamber.
  4. With the PLUS rod attachment, you can change the type of load, its strength, and the device’s nature. Such a varied load has a positive effect on the result.
  5. With the help of a Phallosan App, you can set up high-quality work with the penis extender. Various push notifications, workout routines, parameters, and results. All this creates an excellent scheme of an effective routine, leading to stimulating and adjusting to the workflow. The app is available for download on App Store and Android market. It is useful for Phallosan Forte and any other extender.

What are my drawbacks?

  1. I waited too long for the results. The Phallosan Forte version is incredibly comfortable, but such stretching of the penis with the help of a strap, which created tension in the structure, failed to achieve significant results.
  2. I found the Phallosan Forte PLUS construction somewhat uncomfortable and even unsafe if your penis is more than 6 inches wide. It can hardly crawl into the penis ring. In addition, despite its lightness, the structure looks rather flimsy, and I was afraid now and then that the skin of the penis would fall into the places of engagement with the tension screws.
  3. It took me a pretty long time to figure out how to create a vacuum and place a penis in the vacuum chamber. All these accessories for comfort and putting on the condom sleeves and Protector cap looked ridiculous, and I broke one condom on the first day.

=> Visit Phallosan.com to make the purchase

#4. Penimaster PRO (6/10)

What is this extender?

Brief review:

  • Benefits: up to 1150 g tension; Pulling Force Generator technology; Belt Expander, Rod Expander included;
  • Money-back: 30 days
  • Made in: Germany
  • Prices – $273-$338
  • Official purchase: com

It is the latest and most advanced development in penis traction technology. It is based on the unique for stretching using a strap or barbells with tension screws.

I’m talking about Belt and Rod Extender, which are part of the Penimaster PRO Complete Set.

Both have their own benefits, pros and cons. But only in using both devices, you are guaranteed to get the result quickly and safely.

Penimaster PRO is the best German penis extender that has no analogs. This is a medical device used by physicians in clinics. Leading medical publications have written about the stretcher; it is recommended by doctors and praised by users.

The information I have about this penis stretching device is available on the forums, the official website, Youtube, and personal and professional blogs.

What’s my opinion?

Penimaster PRO is a vacuum device that works great and provides an adequate level of comfort. I hardly find fault with it if it’s not misused. Only that vacuum penis extenders are less effective, and their results are slower than using a strap.

To resolve this, Penimaster has a classic version of the penis extender called Chrome. It is much more efficient than many other similar devices. The Penimaster Chrome version has its own unique developments like the clip-on system, which helps to quickly unfasten the base of the extender from the structure so that it is easier to remove and put on.

This makes the device more durable and simplifies putting on and taking off the penis extender.

Overall, both the rod construction and the tension belt are powerful and functional options. Alternating between them can quickly create results without discomfort and side effects.


I didn’t talk about five more penis stretchers. They are not among my best choice, but you should definitely pay attention to them.

They are:

#1. Jes Extender is the father of SizeGenetics. It’s a classic penis enlargement extender but without enough comfort, accessories to be among the best.

#2. Male Edge—creative design without enough functionaries and comfort for everyone. The size of your penis is essential before use. It has an insufficient number of variations to customize the extender for various tasks and parameters of the penis. It’s a pre-assembled device that is easy to configure.

#3. ProExtender: similar to Jes Extender and the SizeGenetics. This is a clone that is popular for its brand, which is advertised everywhere.

#4. Penimaster Chrome: Obsolete and inferior to the new technology from Penimaster

#5. Andropenis Gold: A very reputable device, but I left it out of my top choice due to the lack of various accessories for comfort.


Knowledge is power! When it comes to information about different penis enlargement devices, you can read tons of articles, publications, and reviews. But I think having all the valuable information about each penis traction device in one place will paint a complete and accurate picture, assisting you in making informed buying decisions.

Since you only need one penis stretching device—among the ten most famous and a hundred more unknown—on the market.

Here are the 6 standards for assessing and selecting your perfect extender:

  1. Technology and design
  2. Device type
  3. Comfort or efficiency?
  4. How to enhance your routine?
  5. Side effects
  6. Buying a device


What is penis traction, and how does it work? Penile traction technology is based on the creation of traction using a unique device that provides it. For cytokinesis (cell division), constant pressure is used and distributed over the entire length and width of the penis.

It is necessary to set a sufficient level of traction and ensure correct fixation of the penis in the device. With this technology, you can not only enlarge the penis but also straighten it and get rid of Peyronie’s disease or curvature of the penis.


Penile extenders are differentiated by how they hold the head of the penis. There are strap or loop penis stretchers that consist of rods, tension screws, head base, and strap/loop.

There are also vacuum penile enlargement devices that fix the head of the penis in a special vacuum chamber. Alternatively, you can use a tensioning belt or rod structure with tensioning screws.

Vacuum and rod-type devices are pretty effective, but they have unique characteristics. Strap penis extenders are less comfortable but have many accessories created to reduce the friction of the strap on the penis head.

However, vacuum devices (Penimaster PRO, Phallosan Forte) are more relaxed, supporting the penis anatomical features without creating friction or irritations.


For quick results, rod and belt penile stretchers have a rigid design that enhances penis traction. On the other hand, men who prefer comfort are willing to use vacuum devices but wear them longer for safety without side effects.


Natural ED Pills are recommended for enhancing erection while wearing penis extenders to enlarge or straighten the penis. This is necessary because penis curvature is known to contribute to the weakening of penile erection.

VigRx Plus is the best ED pill for increasing erection and male sexual strength. This is a natural formula that helps to enhance the results of penis stretching.

You can also use the Bathmate hydro penis pump (Hydro 7, Hydromax, HydroXtreme), which also positively affects erection growth and penis enlargement by creating powerful traction inside the tube. Bathmate hydro penis pump also promotes the development of new penile tissue.


Aside from misusing penis extenders, it’s dangerous to buy unknown penis extenders made in China or third-world countries. Moreover, side effects can occur regardless of the device’s name. Any of them, even the best and safest one, can be harmful if misapplied.

Incorrect settings and wrong usage are the main triggers of side effects from penile stretchers. Here’s what side effects look like: redness and irritation of the head of the penis, and more.


Today, penile extenders are sold in sex shops and marketplaces. I recommend buying the best penis stretchers only from the official sites of manufacturers. It’s always cheaper and more reliable.

Plus, you get a warranty from the manufacturer, and there’s a guaranteed refund policy if the penile stretcher turns out to be ineffective for you. Also, you’ll have fast international shipping and customer support.

Extra: You can often get a promotion, get a discount code, or bonus accessories(Use code MOPHP to get an 80% discount at quickextenderpro.com).

11 insider’s tips for choosing a penile stretcher

  1. Decide which type of penis extender is best for you – vacuum or rod-and-belt. The former is more comfortable and convenient while the latter is more reliable for quick and best results.

    You can enlarge your penis up to two inches with a vacuum penis enlargement device like the Penimaster PRO or Phallosan Forte, or up to 3.5 inches with the SizeGenetics, Penimaster Chrome, or Male Edge rod penis stretchers.

  2. Be sure to order the maximum configuration of the device as it will contain all the accessories for the best comfort and efficiency.
  3. Buy additional accessories the first time you purchase an extender. This will help avoid situations when your accessory is worn out, and you need a new one.
  4. If you have something broken in the penis stretching device and the refund is no longer valid, you can select any spare parts on the official website.
  5. Carefully follow the instructions, read reviews and study fascinating ideas on how to use the extender better, more efficiently, and safer from users like me
  6. Trust only the best penis stretching devices on the market for your selection. Remember its price does not exceed $500.
  7. Keep a diary of your daily workouts and write down all the essential information: settings, penis parameters, wearing parameters per day, week, or month. It is best to download the Phallosan Forte app to your phone and buy the best vacuum penis extender, which is considered the most reliable, efficient, and comfortable.
  8. Massage your penis regularly after using the penis enlargement device and take breaks. You can skip a day in the week to give your penis a break.
  9. Focus on your feelings. You should be comfortable wearing the penis stretcher while you should feel the tension, as your settings need to be in perfect order. You can check the settings periodically to make sure you are not wasting your time.
  • If your penis often falls out of the device, use powder, various attachments, and comfort pads. The Quick Extender Pro copes best with retaining the penis in the extender design as it has a system for double fixation of the penis in the device. Vacuum penis enlargement devices also prevent the head of the penis from sliding out of the structure and knocking down the tension settings.
  • For variety and effectiveness in your routine, use the Bathmate Penis Pump for 15 minutes a day(visit bathmatedirect.com). This will help achieve quick and impressive results. Pumping effectively stretches the tissues of the penis, and the variety of stress on the penis helps to form new tissue faster.


In this review, I did not talk about my results with each extender, but all because I used 9 extenders without interruption to test them and enlarge the penis. In total, I broadened my penis to 3.5 inches in length and about 1 inch in width. This is the maximum result I could make.

I just wanted to enlarge my penis and collect as much information as possible about each penis extender. I practically investigated several options to find the best. I hope my findings have been helpful for you.

Aside from the top four penis extenders, the rest are just good devices without any unique features that would help improve comfort or results. At most, they copy already invented devices and do not particularly complement them.

I confidently recommend the 4 penis stretchers in this rating because they are fully equipped, and their effectiveness has been proven. As a user, I liked getting the result; I was even ready to endure pain and discomfort. Fortunately, I experienced no side effects, only impressive results.

Finally, you don’t need to waste time to figure out how to use any of the top four devices. Every beginner can safely follow the instructions and see their dream of penis enlargement or straightening become a reality! Are you ready?

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