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CBD pills are a very convenient and effective way to manage your pain. CBD pills for pain are nothing but a soft gel shell that contains CBD extract mixed with a carrier oil.  Gelatin and cellulose are most commonly used for making the soft gel outer shell of CBD pills. The pill may contain other ingredients like plant extracts and complementary herbs that can help to boost the effectiveness of CBD and other cannabinoids.

In this article, we are discussing CBD pills for pain management and the things you should know before using them.

Do CBD Pills For Pain Work?

In short, the answer is yes. CBD pills can help you manage pain caused by many diseases or other health conditions. CBD pills belong to the CBD edible category and it has to go through a full digestion process to provide you with their effects. A normal meal takes about two hours to completely digest, so taking CBD pills along with food has an activation delay period of two hours. But if you consume CBD pills on an empty stomach, you can feel its effects much quicker. Note that the duration of CBD effects will be shorter if you consume them on an empty stomach.

How To Select CBD Pill Dosage?

As we mentioned, CBD pills require complete digestion to provide their benefits. When CBD pills are digested, some of their potency is lost. So in order to compensate for this loss, you should consume a higher dose than your required dose. For example, if you are consuming 10 mg of CBD oil a day and are determined to change into CBD pills, then you can consume CBD pills up to 25 mg dosage.Your ideal dosage will vary depending on a number of personal characteristics, including your pain tolerance, metabolism, weight, gender, age, and pain severity.

If you are a beginner in using CBD pills, don’t start with a higher dose. As the most effective CBD pill dosage depends on the user, you have to experiment and find the best dose for you. Start with a small dose (up to 5 mg) and see whether the dose is effective. If not, gradually increase the dose of your CBD pill and find the best dose for you. If you face any side effects like appetite changes, dry mouth, etc, reduce the dosage of your CBD pill.

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