Trio Barclay returns to Irvine for another musical experience for the community. Three musicians are set for a dynamic and exciting performance at Irvine Barclay Theater on Sunday, November 21 at 5 p.m. The trio consists of Dennis Kim on violin, Jonah Kim on cello and Sean Kennard on piano. This will be their second performance at Barclay after making their debut last June.

The ensemble will play different hits, including a world premiere by composer Mark Abel, Cafe Music by Paul Schoenfield and the B Major Trio of Johannes Brahms. They’re known for playing music as far back as the 18th century all the way to the present day. In an exclusive interview, Dennis Kim said that the trio wanted to focus on living composers. He was also surprised by how easily they were able to perform again at Barclay. “When we initially decided to partner with the Barclay Theater, we were amazed at the flexibility and the management’s complete trust in our artistic vision. Musicians are used to hearing the word ‘no’ a lot. The management of Barclay saying ‘whatever the question, the answer is yes’ was a dream come true for our ensemble.”

Dennis Kim (Photo by Karen Drews)

The Trio Barclay started during the pandemic and each member worked on their own individually. Despite the fear of how long the pandemic would last, Kim was hopeful that the experts would figure it out so live performances would happen again. “I always believed in the world’s scientists, doctors, and leaders to find a way to come back from this horrible pandemic. Initially, I thought we would find a solution right away, then I felt like it would take much longer, and ultimately, it was somewhere in the middle. I am grateful that we are back to performing!”

Kim also pointed out how this pandemic has changed live performances in general. Now that performers are gradually making their way back to what they love, Kim feels like they’re seeing everything in a whole new light.

“I think many musicians took performing for granted. After such a long period when we couldn’t perform, I believe all musicians have a new appreciation for everything. Musicians are grateful for audiences, for donors, for management, and nothing is taken for granted anymore,” Kim says. “What I’ve realized during the pandemic is that there is nothing quite like live music. There is no technology that can replace the feeling of hearing live music in a hall. I truly believe musicians and artists are essential workers, and as essential workers, doing our job well is extremely important.”

The violinist is especially glad to perform in Irvine since he believes the city to be one of the best in the world. “The best restaurants, the best schools, and an underrated number of things to do. There are some real gems in Irvine that the rest of the state and country have yet to fully appreciate, including Irvine Barclay Theatre. It’s a unique and intimate venue that offers a great experience for enjoying live music.”

As the trio makes its way back to Barclay in this new performance, Kim is hoping audiences will experience a jolt of energy as they watch the musicians perform. “Hopefully our passion and energy will be felt by everyone in the hall, and it will translate to a memorable evening for everyone. We hope we can influence young people and we hope that the young at heart will go home with a smile on their face.”

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