The “Whiskey Room” is open at Lakeshore in Irvine.

On Wednesday, Aug. 9, the well-known Orange County restaurant pair – Bosscat Kitchen & Libations and TEN Sushi + Cocktail Bar – will celebrate a dual grand opening for new locations at Business Park, Lakeshore in Irvine.

Lakeshore Irvine

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To celebrate the completion of a two-year construction process, the eatery-duo will be hosting live music, whiskey tastings and more.

Leslie Nguyen, co-founder and creative director for Bosscat and TEN, who is also professionally known as Miss Bosscat, shared her excitement for the grand opening, adding that the process has become a “dream come true.”

“This process has been incredible,” she said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to put such creativity in motion and watching people experience the space has been a dream come true!”

Located less than one mile from the previous location on MacArthur Blvd. and Main St. on the Irvine/Newport Beach border, Bosscat Kitchen & Libations Lakeshore worked to maintain the same contemporary aesthetic as the Newport Beach location.

Lakeshore Irvine

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Designed like a modern whiskey room, the establishment features more than 5,000 square feet of restaurant space and 1,200 square foot outdoor patio. TEN Sushi and Cocktail Bar Lakeshore location is just under 3,000 square feet with an 850 square foot outdoor patio space.

Lakeshore Irvine

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A few months ago Irvine Weekly spoke with JT Reed, who is partnering co-founder of Bosscat and TEN Sushi.

Reed explained that he was proud of the decade of work the restaurant duo (speaking of both restaurants and his relationship with Nguyen) had accomplished in Orange County.

However, Reed admits that he had doubts about lasting past the 10-year lease the team signed in Newport Beach when the project opened in 2012.

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the last eight years is that you have to be innovative with your brand, not just your food and drinks,” Reed said. “To have staying power you need to be constantly evolving and on the ball at all times.”

Nonetheless, Reed is excited about the opportunity for change and to begin a new chapter in Irvine.

“I get asked a lot about why we made this transition from Newport to Irvine and it’s a big shift for us,” Reed said. “We had known that the landlord at MacArthur was working to redevelop that space which provided us this unique opportunity to find our new home. We are thrilled to bring life back into the campus and it’s thrilling to see so many people back in the office.”

Lakeshore is located at 18101 Von Karman Ave.

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