HMarts across the country are known for their food courts, filled with delicious dining options and boutiques selling Korean beauty products and more. Now, the HMart in Diamond Jamboree is home to a new bakery.

Located in the spot Tous Les Jours formerly occupied, Maison de Croissant is a French-inspired Korean bakery with a wide dessert menu and a smaller, but respectable, boba and coffee menu. The bakery features a simple and clean storefront with plenty of display cases to show off their many pastries. Their menu includes, but is not limited to, cakes, cream puffs, croffles (a hybrid pastry consisting of croissant pastry cooked in a waffle iron), croissants, Danishes, garlic bread, macarons and sandwiches. Many of their pastries are of French origin, like their croissants and macarons, but come in flavors popular in East Asia like matcha and red bean.

Photo by Audrey Fong

I opted for two of their croissants – buttercream and strawberry with whipped cream – and a trio of their omelet cakes. The croissants were flaky and buttery, but still hearty enough to fill you up. The buttercream one was on the sweeter side and is better shared with someone otherwise its sweetness can be overwhelming. However, it is still delicious and a can’t-miss item from Maison de Croissant. The buttercream inside tastes like liquid crème brulée. The strawberry and whipped cream croissant is on the lighter side and the fresh strawberries add a refreshing pop of flavor.

Photo by Audrey Fong

The omelet cakes come in a box of three and you can choose which trio you want. I opted for the chocolate, matcha, and strawberry trio. Each omelet cake was made up of a small circle of sponge cake and topped with whipped cream. To eat these, you curl up the sides of cake a bit to hold the filling inside and eat them the same way you eat a taco. Perfectly stuffed, these omelet cakes came with enough filling for each bite, but not so much that the filling comes gushing out when you bite into it. These cakes leaned to the less sweet end of the cake spectrum, meaning that the chocolate one tasted more like a dark chocolate whipped cream and the matcha cream stayed true to matcha’s earthier flavors. Since they’re less sweet, they make for a great after-work or class snack and their small size makes them perfect for get-togethers.

The service at Maison de Croissant is quick and friendly. While I was there, the cashier person was happy to answer questions, made suggestions, and packed up my items neatly in a box.

Maison de Croissant is available for to-go from their store within HMart or for delivery from Fantuan, Postmates and Uber Eats.

Photo by Audrey Fong

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