Are you excited about taking your business online? Not sure how marketing and traffic-gathering works? If the answers are yes, you’ve come to the right place. The internet’s power continues to triumph, as many services can motivate business owners to work smart rather than overworking. One particular service that we recently came across that might entice everyone is Traffic Ivy.

Traffic Ivy is the one-stop database for content creators and businesses. It gathers social media, affiliate, e-commerce, video, new, and local marketers and website owners, bloggers, SEO freelancers, to name the least. This might be the stepping stone to one’s traffic-related goals. Curious to find out more? Lucky for everyone interested, this review aims to uncover everything there is to know about Traffic Ivy, starting with its intentions!

What is Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy is advertised as a cloud-based, free traffic platform that carries reliable and trackable shares for businesses that are either just getting started, planning to switch from physical to online delivery, or for those who are merely wanting more exposure to their content, goods, and/or services. What makes this service extraordinary is that traffic is lured in such a way that represents truthfulness; that is, people are broadcasted content attractively and intriguingly. This approach neither promotes fake reviews nor bad bots, but instead, actual people.

For people wondering Why Traffic Ivy might be the way to go, to begin with, as mentioned in the AP News, founder Cindy Donovan affirms that the Traffic Ivy community includes 6,168 active members, niche-targeted blogs that fall under 22 popular categories, and close to 1,982 social media accounts. Excitingly, many recognized marketers are also on the platform, including Jono Armstrong, Demetris D-Papa, Mike Maffitt, and Scott Richau.

How does Traffic Ivy work?

Traffic Ivy works in a couple of steps. First, individuals are required to choose their preferred traffic points packages. They need to login into the member’s area and tell the Traffic Ivy team where traffic should be directed. The reach is deemed above and beyond, considering that Cindy’s team will go as far as posting on people’s blogs and social media accounts, creating banners on blogs and websites, and uploading videos to a YouTube network, among others. As a result, content creators can finally:

  • Watch their ever-growing stream of traffic in real-time.
  • Get real social shares across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit.
  • Welcome, all niche targeted traffic without any fear of bots or fake people.
  • Have access to the exact details as to where content is being posted
  • Earn points by sharing relevant community content, which can later be spent on targeted traffic

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on avoiding bad bots altogether. Why? It turns out that when a lousy bot enters just about any site and leaves immediately after, this instant exit can be identified by search engines. Accordingly, these search engines might consider the site fraudulent and label it as a “penalized website.” Trust decreases, and the anticipated traffic will go down with it.

What does Traffic Ivy include?

Aside from Traffic Ivy, individuals will also gain access to IM Mastery Training.

IM Mastery Training

Internet Marketing Mastery Training is another piece of the puzzle that people need to reflect upon. Through this training, individuals will learn of the processes that typically go into creating one’s online assets, setting up squeeze pages, and writing unique blogs. In fact, within this system alone, individuals will have access to:

  • Beginner-friendly campaign creators
  • Real shares that produce 100% real targeted traffic
  • Major/organic search engine traffic
  • Trackable traffic
  • Tips on blogging without an actual blog and its respective benefits
  • WordPress Plugin for automatic posting
  • One-click connections
  • A community-driven rating system and featured content

Luckily, the perks don’t stop there, as the team affirms to add bonus app accesses (a done-for-you lead capture funnel), 10-part video series (8 to a 10-minutes method for making more money with existing traffic and assets), weekly training archives (access to 100 recorded sessions) and becoming a part of the Facebook community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What requirements should be checked off before getting started with Traffic Ivy?

Very little is required of people, as Traffic Ivy has been designed to be entirely cloud-based. This means that a sufficient internet connection is all it takes to boost traffic.

How does Traffic Ivy’s points system work?

Once a Traffic Ivy member, individuals can start earning points by sharing content on blogs and/or media pages. Bear in mind that quality shares will give rise to increased points accumulation. Finally, upon purchase, individuals will have access to Traffic Ivy’s complete network of sites. Furthermore, members get to decide how many points they would like to reward when they expire and how people can buy more.

How much traffic can be expected from 5,000 points?

As stated on the official website, Traffic Ivy works “on a communal marketplace points system.” Hence, individuals can choose how they want to spend their points. Generally speaking, shares can total either 5, 10, 20, or 5,000 points, leading to anywhere between 200 and 500 shares. In this case, all of the focus should not be placed on the points but on the content itself, as nothing brings traffic faster than quality.

Is the community aspect of Traffic Ivy compulsory?

For those who would much instead focus on their content, sharing community content is not compulsory. It is an option for anyone wanting to earn the points rather than buying them all. Luckily, points can be purchased as well; in fact, Cindy recommends buying the 10,000-point bundle now, as prices can quickly go up with demand.

Is there an expiry on the Traffic Ivy points?

No, there is no expiry on the Traffic Ivy points.

Does Traffic Ivy come with training and/or support?

Yes, Traffic Ivy comes with an extensive resources section comprising videos, pdf reports, and over 30 pre-recorded training sessions. As mentioned earlier, individuals can also seek help from the Traffic Ivy Facebook community.

Does a money-back guarantee back Traffic Ivy?

Yes, Traffic Ivy is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If individuals feel that they do not see results, customer service can be contacted for a refund. The best way to do so is by sending an email to Responses can be anticipated within 24 and 48 hours.

How much does Traffic Ivy cost?

Traffic Ivy prices vary based on the number of traffic points purchased. Specifically, Cindy has presented the following options:

Meet Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan is a full-time marketer and founder of Traffic Ivy. With over 12 years of experience in luring traffic for content, she claims to have sold over 150,000 members. Her revenue for last year alone was $1,000,000. In a quick video synopsis, she shared that her success stems from relying heavily on her community. Without it, turning low-to-average quality traffic into a continuous flow would have been nearly impossible. As voiced by the expert herself, “partnering with people to share my content and send me traffic has been invaluable.” The question now becomes how such partnerships can be established, and this gap is what Traffic Ivy aims to fill.

Final Verdict

Overall, Traffic Ivy is a system that helps businesses to increase their traffic most healthily and organically possible. As a result, a constant traffic flow and real interest can be expected and measured, respectively. This is important, especially for business owners, as some of the most critical decisions are based on demand.

Depending on one’s comfort level, anywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 points can be purchased to put Traffic Ivy to the test. Based on the analysis above, it seems like this system carries worth. Cindy created an extensive community with members belonging to some of the most popular social media platforms known to the world. These factors allowed us to tick off the value-for-price box. For more information on Traffic Ivy and how it might influence one’s traffic, visit here>>


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