From writing and starring in the iconic movie Pineapple Express to co-founding his new cannabis company, Houseplant, Seth Rogen has been consistent about showing his love for weed throughout his career.

What Is Seth Rogen’s Houseplant?

Started by Seth Rogen and his childhood best friend Evan Goldberg, Houseplant is a new kind of cannabis lifestyle company, made by and for connoisseurs. For Seth, it’s not just about the high-quality cannabis flower that Houseplant sells. He and Evan spent a truly enormous amount of time meticulously testing out strains to ensure that it really is the best weed in California.

“Alcohol, which I do not think is a good substance, gets a lot of reverence and has been celebrated. It gets a lot of thought put into the design and lifestyle of those who consume and enjoy it,” Seth said in an interview with Fast Company. “That same thought hasn’t been put into weed. And we are more than happy to be the ones doing that.”

“People just haven’t put enough attention to detail on things for people who smoke weed,” he added. Houseplant is all about bucking stoner stereotypes and showing that “people who smoke weed can be very detail-oriented, can work hard, can manifest their goals into objects.”

“We really think about who’s going to buy this, what are they going to do with it, and how they are going to use it.” Evan agreed. Their thoughtful approach to cannabis product design takes more time and effort, but the results speak for themselves. Houseplant’s line of cannabis accessories and marijuana flower is absolutely beautiful, and the company has already created a devoted following of interested customers.

 Find Seth Rogen’s Weed Brand Houseplant at People’s

Due to the popularity of Houseplant, Orange County’s marijuana community hasn’t been able to get their hands on any—until now, that is! Supplies are limited, but People’s has the goods.

During Houseplant’s initial launch, People’s is limiting purchases to in-store only. Stop by our Orange County store, check in, and head upstairs to buy. We’re limiting Houseplant purchases to one unit per person to make sure that as many cannabis fans as possible get a chance to enjoy the Houseplant experience. We’ll have three strains in stock as long as supplies last, so bring a friend (or a few) and share the love so you can try them all!

Where is the People’s Weed Store?

Located right off the 405 and the 55, the People’s weed store is easy to get to from almost anywhere in Orange County. Stop by for a chance to buy some Houseplant flower and pick up some tasty weed edibles or other cannabis favorites while you’re at it. We can’t wait to see you!

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