Cali sun, Cali beach, Cali weed—after a day of enjoying the many things southern California has to offer, you’re craving something sweet. As Orange County’s favorite dispensary, we at People’s know a thing or two about satisfying that sweet tooth.

Beat Your Marijuana Munchies with the Best Desserts in Orange County

A little bit of potent California cannabis makes us all a little bit hungry. Luckily, Irvine’s the best place to be when you have an urgent need for delicious food. Here is the 2021 list of Orange County’s best dessert spots to hit when you have the munchies:

Where to Get Ice Cream in Irvine

Nothing cures weed-induced dry mouth better than ice cream. People’s is located right over the border from Irvine, making these ice cream joints conveniently accessible for cannabis shoppers.

Head on over to Diamond Jamboree Plaza to enjoy one of humankind’s greatest inventions. With flavors like Peppermint Bark, Cookie Monster, and Salty Oreo, this fledgling dessert joint has been taking over Southern California. Additions include milky buns and fun toppings like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. Afters Ice Cream has been expanding all over Orange County, so you can get your fix if you’re in Tustin, Fullerton, or Costa Mesa. Not into the idea of leaving your house these days? Like People’s, they also offer free delivery right to your door.

Located in the same shopping center, Somisomi offers a Japanese twist on dessert with taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake similar to a waffle. The hollow insides of taiyaki can be filled with a sweet paste like Nutella or ice cream in flavors like matcha, black sesame, and milk tea.

Persian food is one of Orange County’s hidden gems. Saffron & Rose brings classic Persian flavors to the forefront with pistachio, saffron, rose, and orange blossom options. Even if you’d rather stick to the basics, their vanilla and chocolate flavors are extraordinarily good. If you’re planning on getting baked at home, you can also get pints, quarts, and half-gallons of delicious ice cream delivered to your doorstep. When you’re smoking weed, it’s always smart to plan ahead on your snack stash.

The Best Donut Shops in Orange County

When it comes to donuts, multinational chains can’t compete with the independent shops in Southern California. Skip the Dunkin’ Donuts and head to one of these Orange County donut shops instead:

  • Sidecar Donuts & Coffee in Costa Mesa. These aren’t your average donuts—for starters, the chocolate glaze is made with Valrhona cocoa nibs. They’re perfect for a special occasion, so next time a loved one with a sweet tooth has something to celebrate, make sure you stop by with a marijuana pre-roll and a baker’s dozen from Sidecar. Flavor offerings include Meyer lemon donuts, maple bacon donuts, and cinnamon rolls.
  • Oliboli Donuts in Tustin. Homemade raspberry jelly-filled donuts, a “Banoffee” donut inspired by a popular English dessert, and savory shakshuka donuts—need we say more? The flavors are adventurous, but the risk pays off. The wide variety is perfect for post-smoke snacking.
  • Cream Pan in Tustin and Fountain Valley. French, Japanese, and American flavors combine beautifully at this boulangerie-patisserie. Want to try something new? Start with the An donut (not a misspelling—it’s a Japanese name that means it’s filled with red bean paste) or the Kinako donut. If you prefer the classics, they also offer an excellent Boston cream donut as well as delicious bread pudding, cream puffs, cookies, and brownies. Just make sure you get there early—Cream Pan sells out of their stock fast. Wake and bake, then get a ride to your new favorite Orange County bakery.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Orange County

After stopping by People’s, it’s a quick hop over to Paderia Bakehouse in Irvine. The cheesecake, egg tarts, and specialty drinks are delicious, but Paderia is best-known for its cookies. They’re huge and thick, with a gooey center as large as a fist and crispy, crunchy edges.

Newport Beach’s C’est Si Bon Bakery and Dana Point’s Maison Café + Market also have chocolate chip cookies worth meriting a mention, but Paderia’s are on a whole new level. No matter how monstrous those marijuana-induced cravings can get, these cookies are big enough to satisfy all of your snacking needs.

Brownies, Cookies, and Other Marijuana Desserts in Orange County

Candy cane sugar cookies are only one of Kaneh Co.’s delicious edible cannabis offerings, but it’s definitely one of our favorites. We also love their triple-chocolate brownies and their s’mores desserts—all of which come with a powerful cannabis kick.

Mexican desserts are also on the market, with new edibles from cannabis company La Familia blazing the trail. THC-infused churro rice krispies, cookies made with Abuelita hot chocolate, and a dark chocolate cajeta bar are the ultimate in marijuana desserts.

For the chocoholics among us, Kiva Confections offers the dream: marijuana chocolate in every flavor imaginable. Chocolate CBD bars are great for cannabis newbies, and 100-milligram THC bars of toffee crunch dark chocolate are a great buy for marijuana lovers. We also love Kiva’s Terra Bites, which are perfect for a purse. Small, round sea salt caramel milk chocolate bites and chocolate-covered espresso beans make for delicious sweet snacks that will get you high.

Orange County’s Best Dispensary For Your 420 Munchies

California’s rich diversity means that everything from Persian ice cream to Brazilian pastries is within reach. You already know the best way to enhance the experience—just pop an edible, smoke a bowl, and get your best friend to drive you around for a tour of Orange County’s best dessert spots.

If you can’t get a ride, delivery weed is always an option. With free marijuana delivery in Orange County, the cannabis shopping experience at People’s is tough to beat. The online menu shows their stock of marijuana products in real-time, and you can even place an Express Order online for the fastest pickup possible.

No matter what you’re looking for, People’s has it: marijuana desserts, vape carts, creams, tinctures, and more. Need some guidance? Their in-store cannabis Guides are happy to help, and they have a special line for guests who want some one-on-one help. Whether you want a quick pickup or have some cannabis questions you need guidance with, People’s is the best dispensary to pair with a selection of Orange County’s best desserts.

Did we miss your favorite dessert spot? Let us know!

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