Candidates for mayor of Irvine explain in their own words: What are their priorities? What do they stand for? What is their commitment to our community? 


Election season is upon us. While state and national politics dominant most media coverage, Irvine has an important election deciding our city’s future and the leaders who will guide it. Irvine is a model city for not just Orange County but the state and the country. It’s safe, it’s clean and the schools are incredible.

What are the priorities for each mayoral candidate? What do they stand for? What is their commitment to our community?

In their own words below, candidates offer their priorities, why they’re running and why they deserve your vote.


Katherine Daigle

Small Business Owner

Katherine Daigle

My background is in business, finance and local government. My professional career has included serving as a legal affairs and financial vice president for more than 20 years at a large health care data company, an elected director and public servant for Woodbridge Village Association for more than six years, serving 30,000 residents, and a small business owner. I am an MBA graduate, wife and proud mom. My daughter is attending medical school.

I believe education is the foundation of strength and success.

I, too, believe that the hardworking families of Irvine deserve an advocate who will stand up against local bureaucracy and political groups to defend our rights as a community for transparency, accountability, integrity and honesty from our local officials.

I will work with local and county officials to assist and help keep our city residents safe and secure in our neighborhoods, communities, homes and our schools.

With the lack of affordable housing and oversight in Orange County, our situation has given rise to commuter traffic congestion and increased crime in our communities.

We must cut wasteful bloated local government, reduce taxes and incentivize local businesses. I understand how to maintain and forecast a budget with a fiscally responsible approach.

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Donald P. Wagner

Mayor, City of Irvine

Donald P. Wagner

My wife and I came to Irvine 27 years ago and raised our children here, educating them in Irvine schools and sharing in Irvine’s wonderful quality of life.

As I complete my first two-year term as mayor, I look with pride on the city’s many accomplishments under my leadership.

The quality of life that drew my family and probably yours here, remains the best in America. We are America’s safest large city, with world-class schools.

In my prior service with the local college district, I led a board that balanced 12 straight budgets without raising taxes or floating bonds. I brought that same fiscally responsible approach to Irvine.

Since my election as mayor, Irvine has each year won recognition as among America’s most fiscally sound cities.

As mayor, I have spearheaded an Irvine renaissance without raising taxes. The Great Park is finally being built out. I created a Transportation Commission to reduce traffic and stopped the creation of an Irvine homeless tent city. You’ve seen more parks, wilderness trails and sports facilities open. Real planning for the long-promised cultural terrace is now happening, while live music returned to Irvine at our new amphitheater.

I want to continue working for you!

Ed Pope

Retired Educator

Ed Pope

I am running for mayor of Irvine, making this pledge: I will honor and respect the expressed will of Irvine voters. I will faithfully implement the June 5th voter mandate to immediately begin construction of the long-promised Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park.

I chaired the historic “No on B” referendum campaign, culminating June 5th in a 63%, two-part voter mandate. First, we rejected the action to replace the planned Great Park Veterans Cemetery with huge, traffic-generating development projects. And, second, we told the mayor and council to immediately begin construction of the Veterans Cemetery.

The City Council has refused to begin building the Veterans Cemetery. That’s wrong. As your mayor, I will honor the will of the people.

I’m a U.S. Army veteran. I’m a retired high school social studies teacher, and was Orange County High School Teacher of the Year (1984). My wife and I live in the same Irvine home I purchased 46 years ago. I have been a community leader in the important fights to save Irvine open space, defeat the County’s El Toro airport plan, and create the Great Park and Great Park Veterans Cemetery. I ask for your vote. Thank you.

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Ing Tiong

Software Engineer / Healthcare

No candidate statement provided.

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