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CBD oil is never just “CBD oil.” Indeed, there are dozens of variations on CBD extract that customers must consider. Most notably, companies could sell CBD oil as one of the following three spectrums, each of which has unique properties:

  • Full-spectrum
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Isolate

Of these three hemp extracts, broad-spectrum has gained popularity with new CBD users. According to fans, broad-spectrum CBD oil offers many of the benefits associated with full-spectrum CBD but without the additional risks.

While these spectrums may not seem super important, they could significantly alter your CBD experience. Customers should consider the merits of broad-spectrum CBD oil before making a purchase.

What’s So Different About Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil? 

THC is what separates full-spectrum from broad-spectrum CBD. In brief, full-spectrum oils can have some THC; broad-spectrum products can’t have any THC.

Delta-9 THC is the notorious cannabinoid that makes pot smokers feel “loopy.” When you think of people getting “high” off of marijuana, they’re referring to this psychoactive cannabinoid.

Although the DEA still lists delta-9 THC as a “Schedule I” drug, the 2018 US Farm Bill made one notable exemption. Hemp flowers could contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC content and still be federally legal. So, even if a hemp extract has these minuscule traces of THC, it’s OK to use and sell in the USA.

Full-spectrum CBD oils are the least refined extracts, so they could have tiny THC concentrations. By contrast, broad-spectrum CBD has to go through extra rounds of purification to obliterate THC molecules.

Note: Just because broad-spectrum CBD doesn’t have any THC doesn’t mean it’s “100 percent CBD.” Broad-spectrum oils still have many non-psychoactive hemp cannabinoids, antioxidants, and terpenes. Only CBD isolate powders get rid of secondary hemp compounds.

So, Why Do People Take Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil? 

There are two reasons many customers prefer broad-spectrum CBD oil over full-spectrum and isolate powder. First, broad-spectrum CBD gives users access to the “entourage effect.” Second, customers who use broad-spectrum CBD don’t have to worry about THC exposure.

OK, so now you’re probably wondering what the “entourage effect” is. Basically, this theory suggests the therapeutic benefits of CBD are at their peak when CBD is combined with other natural hemp compounds. So, while CBD isolate may “work” on its own, it may not have as much potency milligram-for-milligram as a broad-spectrum extract does.

To be honest, the research into broad-spectrum CBD is in its early phases. However, many studies suggest different cannabinoids and terpenes have fascinating physiological effects.

Full-spectrum fans will claim small traces of delta-9 THC help boost a CBD oil’s potency. However, not every customer feels comfortable putting tiny amounts of THC in their body.

Although ≤ 0.3 percent THC isn’t enough to get people “high,” some people are extra sensitive to THC. Plus, even though you won’t feel THC’s full potency, this cannabinoid takes a long time to clear your system. If you take full-spectrum CBD, there’s a chance that THC could appear on a drug screening.

Broad-spectrum CBD eliminates all of these THC-related concerns, but it also gives customers the ability to test the “entourage effect.”

How Could You Tell If A CBD Oil Is Broad-Spectrum? 

A reputable CBD company should list its oil’s spectrum on the front label. However, since the hemp industry is still unregulated, you shouldn’t rely on these posted claims. Even if a company says there’s “Zero THC” in their CBD oil, you must verify these claims with a third-party lab test.

Also called Certificates of Analysis, third-party lab results show the total cannabinoid concentration in a CBD product. Look for the line that says “delta-9 THC” and double-check there’s “zero” or “ND” by this cannabinoid.

If you’re having trouble finding third-party lab results on a CBD company’s website, there’s a good chance this business isn’t reputable.

Does Blue Ribbon Hemp Use Broad-Spectrum CBD? 

Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD oils, lotions, and oral strips are broad-spectrum formulations. We feel these THC-free extracts provide our senior customers with the max therapeutic benefits of CBD.

To learn more about our high-quality CBD for seniors, please take a peek at our online portfolio. You could also read all of our third-party lab reports before buying one of our high-quality CBD products.

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