TRADE Marketplace in Irvine has satisfied the cravings of local eaters since 2017. Recently, the trendy food hall has updated its offerings with some globally curated eats that includes well-known fish and chips maker London Chippy, onigiri favorite Ricebunn and yogurt purveyor Yomie Yogurt. 

Kana Lee, property manager for TRADE expressed excitement about the new offerings, adding that it gives the marketplace a chance to diversify while attracting new clientele. 

“We are thrilled to be welcoming these three unique concepts, London Chippy, Ricebunn and Yomie Yogurt, to TRADE. Each offers such unique cuisine, not currently represented in the TRADE Food Hall portfolio, which we know will excite our guests,” Lee said. “We are always excited to see TRADE grow and diversify its offerings, and with these new additions we can confidently say that at TRADE there is something for everyone!” 

In a statement, Grant Freeman, a London Chippy representative said he was looking forward to joining the community by becoming a part of the TRADE family while bridging culinary popularity internationally.  

“We are excited to now be a part of TRADE’s vibrant Marketplace and offer a fast-casual fish and chips experience,” Freeman said. “We believe that fish and chips are poised to become the next big casual food craze in America, and we look forward to pioneering this delicious dish, which was made popular in England, to Orange County diners.” 

If you’re a fan of onigiri, then Ricebunn is your perfect match. This Japanese treat is made with nori-wrapped steamed rice and usually contains a protein, like salmon or shrimp. 

Megumu Sonobe of Ricebunn in Irvine expressed optimism in introducing Ricebunn to the Irvine community by way of TRADE. 

“Ricebunn brings a truly new and unique style of cuisine to the food hall. We’re confident that diners will enjoy our globally-inspired concept offering TRADE’s guests a delicious Japanese staple,” said owner representative Megumu Sonobe.

For those with a sweet tooth, Yomie Yogurt features frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors including red bean paste and blueberry. More information on flavors and hours can be found on the Yomie Yogurt website.

In terms of food, TRADE is currently home to HiroNori Craft Ramen, Otoro Sushi, Olyvoyl, and Two Birds, along with several other options. 

TRADE Marketplace is located at 2222 Michelson Dr., Irvine. 

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