Want in on an expert’s advice on weight loss? Husband-wife duo, Steve and Becky Holman recently shared five pieces of information that individuals should reflect upon when setting their next weight management goal. The first, is to avoid low-fat diets. Though it remains a popular weight loss route, Steve believes that depriving the body of healthy fats can result in unexpected weight gain, sugar cravings, and hormonal imbalances down the line.

Second, the belief that hours of cardio need to be done to lose weight should be erased from everyone’s minds. Why? It not only brings minimal results, but it might go as far as creating plateaus, and even worse, increasing inflammation in the body. Third, they insist that age has nothing to do with one’s inability to lose weight. As stated by Steve and his partner, weight gain is not a matter of age but one’s own actions (i.e., eating and drinking without a care for the world).

Following suit, it is imperative that individuals remain hydrated at all times. It turns out that water is a possible solution to curbing the appetite, and when enough isn’t ingested, individuals might feel hungry even though they are simply in need of a thirst quench. Last, but not least, individuals should refrain from overworking the body, as it might only lead to increased fat storage and “flabbier skin” in years to come.

This might initially feel like a lot of information to take in. Not to forget that most people still might not know where to start. Luckily for everyone, the duo has recently worked on a program that literally pays tribute to “old school resistance training.” This is where it is best to fit to introduce the Old School New Body System!

What is the Old School New Body System?

The Old School New Body System is a simple-to-use handbook that features decades of research and work by Steve and Becky Holman in figuring out how best to achieve weight loss results regardless of age.  As mentioned in the AP News, the aim is to provide individuals with a fast, efficient, and safe protocol to losing weight while eliminating many societal myths that consumers still hold onto.

What is the Old School New Body System founded on?

The Old School New Body System is founded on a duo method called the F4X Method, short for The Focus4Exercise Protocol. What makes this routine desirable is that it only requires 90 minutes per week and is deemed suitable for everyone in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s. Rather than breaking a sweat after working out hours, the duo trust that select body movements are all it takes to see a positive difference.

According to the claims made, the F4X Method works in three phases, namely:

Phase #1. F4X Lean

F4X Lean combines slight variations in movement and nutrition. Speaking of nutrition, a meal plan will be provided so that individuals are on the right path toward success. Within this phase alone, Steve affirms that his clients have witnessed apt toning of muscles and weight loss. Depending on set goals, one can either stop here by following F4X Maintain to “maintain” achieved results or proceed to the next phase.

Phase #2. F4X Shape

F4X Shape should only be followed when individuals are happy with the weight loss results from phase one. This is because F4X Shape is a complete learning program that aims to tone different parts of the body. In this phase, individuals will need to learn how to make appropriate changes to their lifestyle and eating plan so that more can be added to one’s physical appearance. What makes this phase quite inviting is that more body fat can be burned here as well.

Phase #3. F4X Build

As the name suggests, F4X Build is for anyone wanting to add anywhere between 15 and 20 extra pounds of muscle to their overall physique. This, like the previous phases, involves making tweaks to the same two factors: movements and meal plan.

How is the Old School New Body System structured?

The Old School New Body System is structured in such a way that elicits a learning environment, all while being able to implement everything in practice. Below is a synopsis of what’s inside the Old School New Body System:

  • The fastest way to achieve a desirable physique that is also age-defying
  • One particular mistake that individuals need to avoid when considering their exercise system
  • Why it is imperative that we follow the old school training system rather than recently unveiled systems
  • The types of results one can anticipate from following this simple handbook.

What does the Old School New Body System come with?

Aside from the main handbook, a collection of bonus guides/resources will be provided as well. These include:

Bonus #1. F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

This guide strips down the main handbook of all the essentials so that one can get started right away. Rather than going through 100 pages, this guide summarizes the three phases along with the exercises in a condensed but easy-to-follow manner.

Bonus #2. Burn Fat Faster

Burn Fat Faster aims to educate how to use heat to speed fat burning, reasons why sleeping naked might improve leanness, sweet treats that have the potential to drive one’s metabolism up, and ideal nutrients that sculpt the body.

Bonus #3. Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics

Forget steroids for a second, as the duo walks everyone through natural means of an increasing pump, muscle mass, growth hormone, and for men, testosterone levels.

Bonus #4. “Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti-Aging Secrets”

The title pretty much summarizes the types of secrets that this guide will cover. For those dreading aging signs, there supposedly exists select nutrients that can clear one of such visible symptoms, adding more years to one’s life. There’s also something for hair, sleep, sex, and muscle health, to name a few.

Bonus #5. Live the Good Life: Health & Happiness Tactics

What good comes out of sculpting the body if you can’t step back and appreciate yourself for all the work and effort! This guide acts as a mediator of bettered mental health and perspective of life. Inside it, the duo reveals six steps to happiness, how to improve mood, nutrients are known to relieve sadness, and ways to release a feel-good hormone called oxytocin.

How much does the Old School New Body System cost?

Steve and Becky are offering the Old School New Body System for $27. Due to its simplicity and recent updates, the duo felt it would be reasonable to start the price low. Individuals should think of this handbook as one that provides as many answers as possible in a short amount of time. Another incentive is that each purchase will come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, should at any point one feels distressed or dissatisfied with the approaches taken by Steve and Becky, customer service can be contacted for a full refund by clicking here.

Meet Steve and Becky Holman

By now, it should be clear that Steve and Becky Holman are the creators of Old School New Body System. Married for 28 years and counting, the duo has had their fair share of experiences with weight management. As described on the official website, Steve started weight training at 15 years old so that he could free himself from his skinny body to one that’s more defined. Similarly, Becky has been training for nearly two decades until she gave birth.

Seeing how much her body evolved after pregnancy, she decided she had to revisit weight loss techniques. Within a matter of months since deciding, she transformed her body, allowing her to share her story in the Old School New Body System. Today, she regularly contributes to IRON MAN (IM) Magazine, while Steve remains IM’s editor in chief and author of numerous books.

Final Thoughts

The Old School New Body System pays tribute to the old days of training, where the time spent working out and the types of food consumed were reasonable and results-driven. Steve and Becky claim to have poured in their personal experiences, knowledge from interviews with stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cory Everson, and Lee Labrada, and continuous efforts in researching methods that work best.

Having first developed the F4X Method, the duo continued to build upon different factors, making the Old School New Body System as well-rounded as possible. To add to this, they went on to developing additional resources that, as a whole, tend to one’s mental, physical, and emotional health. For such a complete package to be priced at as low as $27 is quite an impression and one that should definitely be taken advantage of. Based on the analysis above, this might serve as a great foundation for those who are just getting started in their weight management journeys. To find out more about the Old School New Body System, click here>>


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