ProExtender Review

There were two studies conducted in 2014 looking at penis size. The first study used a sample of 1,661 men. In this study, the average length of a penis was 5.6 inches, with a 4.8-inch circumference.

The second study used a larger sample size of 15,000 men. In this study, the average penis size was 3.6 inches flaccid and 5.2 inches erect. The average girth of a penis measured 3.7 inches flaccid and 4.6 inches erect.

There are two things to note when looking at these two studies. The first thing to consider is that in the first experiment, the participants in the study took their own measurements, and in the second one, a health professional took the specifics. The second and most important to note is that even with a sample size of 15,000 men, which only accounts for 0.0004% of the world’s male population.

Regardless of what the science says, increasing the size of the penis is a concern for many men, with a survey conducted by NHS (National Health Service in the United Kingdom) showing that 45% of men would like a larger penis. It’s worth noting that in the same study, 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size, whereas only 55% of men were satisfied with the size of their penis.

The desire to increase penis size is where ProExtender steps in.

The Company

Leading Edge Health is the company that sells ProExternder. The company is based in Victoria, British Columbia, and started in 2001. They consider themselves a leader in the natural health space. Leading Health Edge is dedicated to sourcing, testing, and formulating top-quality natural products. Leading Edge Health sells products designed to slow down, prevent, and possibly reverse many of the challenges we face as we age.

They offer products in a variety of different categories, including:

  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Anti-aging
  • Skincare
  • Sexual health
  • General health

What is the ProExtender?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, ProExtender is a penis enlargement device. This device was developed and designed in Denmark by a medical doctor and scientist. They have years of experience studying and evaluating the effectiveness of different methods of penis enlargement.

Plastic surgeons and urologists have prescribed ProExtender to men all over the world. There are over 500,000 satisfied users, and that number is growing continually.

The ProExtender isn’t harmful and is painless to use. The basic model works with penises that measure two to seven inches when it isn’t erect. When you purchase this model, you get the ProExtender, a set of 2-inch elongation bars, and a comfort strap.

The ProExtender Deluxe is for penises that measure two to nine inches long when flaccid. This model comes with two sets of 2-inch elongation bars, one set of ½ inch elongation bars, a comfort strap, a silicone tube strap, and a deluxe metal carrying case.

How Does ProExtender Work?

ProExtender works to elongate your penis without the need for prescriptions or a doctor’s visit. Indigenous people have been using traction to transform different parts of the body gradually. Lips and earlobes can be made more prominent, the nose and its nostrils expanded, and fingers, the neck, and the penis elongated through the use of traction.

The Indigenous people learned that gradually applying traction and stretching can encourage growth and expansion. The development and expansion of the tissue cells lead to permanent change.

Doctors in Europe wanted to find a way to use traction to enlarge the penis in a more modern way than the Indigenous people. ProExtender came from a desire to develop a device that can safely and effectively increase penis girth and length.

ProExtender can also help men suffering from penile disorders such as Peyronie’s Disease.

The early methods used weights to stretch the penis; however, studies found that the results were unpredictable with this method.

The makers of ProExtender designed it to provide the right amount of traction, with the ability to gradually increase it over time, with a controlled, easy-to-use, accurate device.

What Can You Expect When You Use the ProExtender?

Regular use of the ProExtender will give users a longer, more prominent, thicker penis in flaccid and erect states. In addition to a bigger penis, users will also have bigger and harder erections. Users of this device have claimed to experience a boost in sexual performance, desire, and endurance.

Users also claim to experience intense, powerful orgasms in addition to the benefits already mentioned. The growth experienced is permanent, and users claim to have better control, be more knowledgeable, and have a mastery of their sex life they didn’t have before using the ProExtender.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in the first 13 weeks and beyond:

Weeks One to Four

During the first month of using the ProExtender, you will notice an increase in length. You will experience improvements in sexual performance, and your semen volume will increase. Erections will be longer-lasting, and your orgasms will be more intense.

Weeks Four to Twelve

In the second and third months of use, you will see a noticeable increase in the length of your penis. At this point, you can adjust the ProExtender to accommodate your new length.

Week Thirteen and Beyond

By the time you get to this point, you will have firmer and harder erections. You will experience gains in both length and girth.

Experiment Results

In a trial for the ProExtender, 18 men were involved in the experiment, ranging from 23 to 47 years old. To qualify for the trial, the men had to have an average erectile capacity and not have had penile surgery. Men who suffer from a chronic disease were not permitted to participate in the study.

During weeks zero to two, the weight applied was 900 to 1000 grams of traction. After the first three weeks, the traction force applied is 1000 to 1200 grams.

In this trial, the men used the ProExtender for 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for eight to 24 weeks, followed by a doctor visit and exam every two weeks.

Here are the average increase experienced by the 18 men who participated in the study:

  • After eight weeks of use – a 17% increase
  • After 16 weeks of use – 21% increase
  • After 20 weeks of use – 25% increase
  • After 24 weeks of use – a 29% increase

Negative Side Effects

After looking at some of the reviews posted online, there are some adverse side effects, most of them are mild. Incorrect use of the ProExtender can cause more severe side effects.

Some of the side effects described by users include soreness of the penis. The soreness is due to the process of stretching the skin for an extended time. Other common issues identified are redness and skin irritation, allergic skin reactions like a rash, initial discomfort while wearing it, penile bruising, and burst capillaries indicated by tiny red spots.

If you don’t follow the directions when using the ProExtender, you risk severe damage to your penis. This damage can result from bursting a blood vessel, pain, penile fracture, Peyronie’s disease, loss of sensation, and temporary impotence. It’s important to remember that the desired results will take time. Attempts to speed up the process could do more harm than good.

What Men Who Use It Have to Say

We know that statistics don’t mean anything if there aren’t real people who have used the device to provide a testimonial of their experience with the product. If you visit the ProExtender website, you’ll find a page dedicated to reviews from men who have purchased the product. We should warn you that there are before and after images on the page, so this isn’t a page to visit at the office.

Here’s a testimonial straight from the website:

Tony E.

I have been using the ProExtender regularly for several months now, and I’ve already noticed the results. My penis has noticeably grown in length, and that’s not the only thing that’s grown. My self-confidence is through the roof, as is my sex drive!

I don’t know if it’s psychological or physical bur I want sex more, and I can perform way more than I used to. Before, every time I was with a partner, it would be in the back of my mind that maybe I didn’t measure up, but now, no worries at all. I can’t wait to see how I look in another six months.

Here’s a review posted by the Buffalo Report:

After a month, I thought there were some size gains. What’s more, I noticed that my sexual experiences felt much better. My erections lasted longer, and the volume of my semen increased. The orgasms were particularly memorable.

After about two months, I had to extend the length of the device to accommodate the size gains of about half an inch. That was rather nice. When I looked at myself naked in the mirror, I noticed that my flaccid penis seemed bigger. It hung longer and thicker.

I persisted, and after six months, I measured myself to objectively not the improvements. My penis was thicker, and it is also longer by about an inch. That’s a big deal, as it’s great when my 4.5-inch penis became 5.5 inches long. An inch makes a real difference.

Product Guarantee

If you’re wondering what your options are if the ProExtender doesn’t get the results you want, the good news is that ProExtender offers a 100% guarantee.

They want you to try the product out for six months. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can return the device with 187 days of receiving your order. If you’re wondering where the odd number comes from, they’ve added seven days to the six months to account for the time it will take to mail it back to them.

Once the ProExtender is received, you will receive 100% of the purchase price refunded to you. The only expense that you won’t get back is the fees you paid for is the shipping and handling.


If you’ve been looking at the different options to increase the size of your penis, ProExtender is a much more affordable option that is less invasive than going through surgery. The research shows measurable improvements in length and girth and an increase in sexual desire, semen production, and sex drive.

When you look at the reviews on the website and those posed by users on their blogs, you’ll see social proof that this device works. The ProExtender website’s testimonies share what the product has done for them in both words and pictures. In the photos provided, you can see the noticeable difference that the ProExtender provides users when using it as directed.

After reading the reviews and feedback on the devices, it’s important to emphasize that this isn’t something that will produce results overnight. If you choose to invest in this device, you should be prepared to commit to using the product daily for a comfortable duration.

Any attempts to speed up the process could result in potential damage to the penis, and that’s not why you bought it. It would be best to look at a commitment of at least six months to see measurable results.

ProExtender is an excellent device that has many satisfied customers. If you’re unhappy with the size of your penis and are considering your options to increase your size, the ProExtender is an excellent choice. Science-backed up the methodology, and half a million men have used the device and are very pleased with the results.

If you decide to buy the ProExtender, we suggest you go for the Deluxe model; after reading some other reviews, it seems like the Deluxe is a sturdier product. In addition to it being sturdy, you can also extend it longer than the standard model, and it comes in a metal box for storage.

The 187 days 100% money-back guarantee means that even if you’re not happy after using the product for six months, you can get your money refunded to you, and you’re only out the cost you paid to have it shipped.

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