New to Heritage Plaza, Fire Wings is the latest wings spot in Irvine. Fire Wings serves not only wings, but also has chicken tenders, salads and chicken sandwiches on the menu and over a dozen beers on tap. It also boasts an impressive number of sides such as garlic noodles, mozzarella sticks, tater tots, and decadent fries topped with savory sauces and chicken tender chunks. What makes the menu stand out the most from other wing spots, though, is that they offer over 20 sauces and dry rubs for their wings. 

With ample seating and large TVs across its wall, it has the potential to be a great hangout spot and Irvine’s go-to restaurant for watching sports.

Photo by Audrey Fong

When I visited, what initially struck me was obviously how many flavors they offer their wings in and how many of the flavors had an Asian influence to them like their Malaysian curry, sriracha, teriyaki, Peking, Korean kick, Thai chili, and Saigon street. Seeing so many interesting flavors can make it difficult to choose, but the cashier made it easy to order, suggesting we pick from their fusion sauces, which he explained they’re most famous for. According to him, their Thai chili and peanut butter sauces are the most popular.

Photo by Audrey Fong

I opted for their wings in peanut butter, Thai chili, and Malaysian curry and a side of garlic fries. The peanut butter and Thai chili wings came amply seasoned with sauce pooling in the bottom of the container, guaranteeing extra sauce for dipping your wings and fries in, while the Malaysian curry wings were coated fully in seasoning. The wings also came with two dipping sauces; I opted for honey mustard and ranch. However, the wings are so flavorful that the dipping sauces are unnecessary and better saved for your fries. 

What was interesting about the wings is that the Thai chili ones came topped with chopped green onions and the peanut butter ones were coated with crushed peanuts, both of which added texture and freshness to the wings. Originally, I was hesitant to try the peanut butter wings, but they ended up being quite tasty and reminiscent of the peanut sauce that’s often served with satay at Thai restaurants. The fries were by far the best crinkle-cut fries I’ve had as they were crispy, unlike other restaurants’ crinkle-cut fries which often feel soggy or mushy. They had a slightly sweet, garlic flavor to them and a sprinkle of parmesan shavings over the whole serving. 

Overall, the service was pleasant, and I appreciated both that the food was cooked to order, ensuring a fresh batch of wings, and that the wings came in so many different flavors. 

Fire Wings is open daily from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

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