Quick Extender Pro Customer Review: Personal Experience, Notes, Quick Answers

Finally, penis enlargement has stopped being a myth and has become a fact-based reality. Of course, I’m talking about penis enlargement extenders, of which there are many on today’s market due to the constantly growing demand.

If you have always dreamed of finding the perfect extender to enlarge your penis, you can consider the different options available, but most of them have drawbacks that outweigh the merits.

What am I talking about?

  1. There are vacuum devices that cannot provide enough traction and lack the rigidity to pull the penis out.
  2. Classic barbell extenders are associated with discomfort while wearing due to ill-conceived attachments to the penis head.
  3. The main issue with some products in this category is the lack of suitable accessories for comfort and personalization (e.g., the required number of rods to set the exact length and spacers for the strap).
  4. Insufficient traction is another drawback. Most extenders offer traction up to 1300 grams, which can be inadequate for effective penis growth.

That is why, being an experienced user who has tried many different extenders, I opted for Quick Extender Pro, and my review will not simply describe the properties and benefits in general terms; instead, I will tell you about my own impressions and practical experience of using the device.

What makes Quick Extender Pro unique?

  • Official site: com
  • Prices: $119.93-$349.93
  • Features: DSS system, up to 4000 gr of tension, safe and secure wearing, anti-bacterial support, maximum comfort
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 180 days
  • Shipping: Worldwide(FREE)
  • Results(Min/Max): 30 days/360 days

First, I would like to highlight the extender’s unique design:

It has two loops for attaching the penis, whereas other devices only have one.

This directly affects the effectiveness of stretching the penis and the comfort of wearing it. And with the unique system of the DSS (Double Strap Support), the manufacturer also cares about your penis’s health namely, the absence of bacterial infections that often occur under the strap/loop, which keeps the penis head in place.

It’s all due to the close contact of the strap/loop with the mucous membrane of the penis head. So not only does rubbing occur here, but infection can also appear.

However, the Quick Extender Pro has special Comfort pads that allow air to pass through, and there is no risk of disease thanks to the breathable surface.

Many users have complained about devices with a loop or strap because they can cause redness, burning, and chafing. All this makes it impossible to wear the device for an extended period.

The Quick Extender Pro is considered a medical device due to the materials it’s made from and because its accessories are medical and hypoallergenic.

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The two loops distribute the fastening load between two points and then divide it 50/50. This helps to prevent excessive chafing in one area of the attachment. Plus, the lightness of the device, which is made of durable aluminum, allows it to be worn longer than other devices.

Even the lightest stretching device creates a load in the places where the penis is stretched and becomes difficult to wear under the force of gravity. That is why barbell extenders can typically not be worn for more than an hour without taking a break.

However, I was able to wear the Quick Extender Pro for two hours per session.

Another problem is penis slippage, which occurs in almost all devices because one loop or strap cannot hold the penis in place, so it slips, or the settings go astray.

Thanks to the DSS system from Quick Extender Pro, your penis is securely fastened so that it does not slip out, hence the quick results. After all, if you set your settings correctly, they will be saved for the entire duration of wearing the extender.

Traction force is also important, as it needs to be increased when the penis gets used to it.

Stretching the penis is a systematic process that must maintain the correct tension (with screws and springs) and the proper barbell length.

So, the thrust of this device can be up to 4000 grams. This means there is no limit to penis growth besides your physiology.

At some point, every man’s penis growth will plateau. It is different for everyone and depends solely on our anatomical capabilities. Tissue growth is a regulated process, but growth will stop no matter what you do.

The technology of penis traction ensures a stable increase in penile length and width, if applicable, using the correct device.

Silicone loops versus rubber straps

If you study the characteristics of various extenders, you will notice most of them use rubber straps as penis attachments. And only the classic models are partial silicone hinges with Comfort pads.

It is believed that they are not as comfortable as the straps because they can rub against the penis. But in fact, the important thing here is not the strap or silicone loop at the head of the holding element of the penis, but the accessories for comfort, worn on the mount or under it.

The rubber strap is not as pleasant as it might seem at first glance. For most manufacturers, it resembles soft plastic. You realize it is hard once you put it on your penis. The only strap that surprised me with its softness was the Penimaster Chrome.

Due to unpleasant chafing, many users put bandages, harnesses, and elastic bands on their penis before putting on a strap. They want to avoid penis slippage and reduce the contact of the strap with the skin of the penis.

This works, but you need to choose the type of gasket and see which one suits you best. In the end, you can save a lot by buying an extender.

More Unique Features of Quick Extender Pro

DSS is not the only advantage of Quick Extender Pro; many more help make the user’s routine effective, efficient, and comfortable:

  1. You can purchase one of four packages from Quick Extender Pro. They differ in traction force (you can choose springs of 3000 gr, 3500 gr, and 4000 gr).
  2. Besides penis enlargement, you can use Quick Extender Pro to straighten your penis. There is a separate package for this called the Peyronies & Curvature package. It differs from others by the springs with a thrust of up to 4000 gr and a maximum set of accessories for comfort.
  3. Every device purchased from the official website comes with a two-year warranty. You can also get your funds back within 180 days if you are not satisfied.
  4. An important point is the price. The most expensive package costs $349, and it includes accessories and spare parts that you may need for your entire routine (up to 12 months).

Moreover, there are all the possible elements for comfort, fine-tuning, maximum traction, replacement of consumable parts like Comfort pads, a convenient storage case, and even a vacuum pump to enhance erection.

How do you assemble an extender and prepare it for use?

In many reviews of this extender, it hasn’t been discussed how to use the device later and what to do with it when you receive the package. But this question was interesting to me even before I purchased the device.

I wanted to assess what awaited me and if it would be difficult to figure out.

Therefore, I will tell you a little about this, even before you read the instructions that come with the package:

  1. After unpacking the device, assemble it according to the instructions while setting the correct length of the rods.
  2. Put the Comfort pads on the loops and stick them into the base of the extender.
  3. If you have different springs in your package, you can easily replace them later.
  4. When you put on the device and insert the penis into the base ring, then into the loops, tighten them and adjust the traction, you can adjust the tension screws to feel comfortable traction.

How to wear an extender: My experience and impressions

I haven’t found any definite articles or reviews about personal experiences with Quick Extender Pro, so I decided to write a few words:

  1. Be sure to use the spreadsheet to plan your routine; it is included with the Quick Extender Pro. Make a plan for wearing the device and follow it, enter your results, and measure your penis. You can make notes about how it feels and how the device is configured.
  2. Wear the extender at home while wearing light shorts. I do not recommend leaving the house with it on.
  3. Do not use it while sleeping.
  4. Do not wear the extender for too long.

The most difficult thing for me was the first time preparing and using the device. I did not understand how to adjust the thrust, and it was not immediately clear to me what length of the barbells to set.

However, assembly was simple once I followed the instructions, and everything was perfect. First, I slipped my penis into both loops, each fixed, ensuring that my penis was securely held in place. Then, I unscrewed the screws, and the tension felt like a balance of comfort and traction.

The extender seemed to be very light and easy to use.

I was pleased with the presence of replacement accessories, sets, and bars to fine-tune the length. I spent 45 minutes in the first session, after which I massaged my penis and took a two-hour break.

My second session was the same amount of time. Then I increased the duration, and after a couple of months, I used it for 2.5 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How realistic is penis enlargement using Quick Extender Pro?

The results are different, but they will be simple if you follow the instructions and use the device regularly. This is a daily routine for 3-12 months. It may seem difficult, but I spend up to 6 hours at home every day, 2-3 of which I use the device. I noticed penis growth in the first months of using it.

  • How do I know when it’s time to change the extender settings to improve the result?

The main extender settings are the pulling force and rod length. But it is important to securely fasten your penis and ensure the loops are not overtightened.

  • Does it make sense to buy the deluxe package?

Yes, this package is the most successful compared to what competitors offer. This option contains the maximum number of necessary elements for effective stretching of the penis with the maximum capabilities of Quick Extender Pro.

I’m talking about traction (in a set of springs with the traction of up to 4000 grams), a complete set of all sizes of barbells, a pump for the penis, Rizer XL pills to increase potency, and the maximum number of Comfort pads in a set, consumables that need to be replaced over time.

Spare loops are another bonus. This package would allow you to enlarge your penis up to 3.5 inches in length and up to 1 inch in width.

  • Are there any problems with using the extender?

If you correctly configure the device, use the instructions, follow the training plan, and periodically change the settings, you will see results without side effects. However, problems can occur if you use the extender for too long and with the wrong settings.

  • When will I see the first results?

You should expect a lengthening of the penis after two months. You need to be patient and regularly stretch your penis, focusing on your feelings.

  • What conclusions did I draw after using Quick Extender Pro?

The Quick Extender Pro is not my only extender, and I have used it to achieve different objectives and testing. Nevertheless, I am impressed by the device because a classic boom-rod format extender works best despite the abundance of technology and design of some extenders on the market.

Furthermore, the second loop and the DSS system as a whole is the ideal solution for this type of device.

I believe that the Quick Extender Pro is the best extender device in 2021.

I am sure the technology for penis stretching will continue to develop. Both Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO offer innovations, though their operational functions are still in doubt.

Therefore, efficiency, comfort, and the absence of side effects remain the number one priority for users.