Unity Middle College High School is breaking through into the Charter World in a big way! We are proud to announce that the California Department of Education (CDE), has presented our small school with the California Pivotal Practice Award for 2022. UMCHS is receiving this award for our project-based and student-led program Creative Innovation Lab (CIL). Unity is dedicated to changing the narrative of students who come from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds by providing them with tools and resources for career opportunities (aside from a 4 year university) such as our CTE Pathways and BioMedical Innovation labs.

Unity not only supports our students through academic success, but through any and all of their post-secondary aspirations as well. Unity is able to achieve this goal through a culture of patience and compassion, high-quality instruction, and specific and intentional programs designed to foster intrinsic motivation. Along with the core curriculum aligned with California State Standards, UMCHS also provides our students with a number of interesting and challenging electives including, Art, Music Ensemble, Keyboard, Computer Science, BioMedical Innovation, Social Justice, and Creative Writing. In the classrooms, student success is fostered through our small class sizes, differentiated instruction, and a focus on mastery learning. Through our partnership with Santiago Canyon Community College, UMCHS students who are able to demonstrate a dedication to their education have the opportunity to take college-level classes and learn important study skills and habits for a successful college career. These students are able to gain early college experience and earn transferable college credits at no cost to their families.

Additionally, Unity focuses on the social and emotional well being of each student. Our team of devoted professionals curate an environment of trust, vulnerability, and accountability. This aligns directly with our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction. UMCHS’s SEL curriculum uses CASEL’s framework but allows the staff to personalize each lesson to their individual needs and teaching styles. Together, students and staff learn about Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship Skills, and Social Awareness. Join our Unity Family so you too can be a part of the impact we are making on a daily basis in our community!

We are now enrolling for the 2022-2023 Academic School Year. To set up an appointment for a tour of our campus, please call (714) 473-0723 or email mtorres@unitymchs.org. For the latest updates and news on our campus, follow our Instagram!

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