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A lot of methods are used for CBD extraction including the CO2 method, solvent method, etc. However, some of these methods include the presence of toxic compounds that can be harmful to your body. Hence, it is important to know which is the best method used for extracting CBD for choosing a quality product that is suitable for you. Hence, we are listing some of the important methods for extracting CBD for helping you to find out which is the safest among them.

What Is a Solvent Extraction Method?

This method uses compounds like butane, ethanol, isopropyl, propane, or alcohol for extracting CBD from the hemp plant. The solvent extraction method is one of the cheapest methods that are commonly used for CBD extraction. However, this is not the safest option as it involves flammable contents of the liquids.

One of the few problems associated with this method is that it might dissolve the waxes that are present in the hemp plant. These waxes contain certain nutrients, hence, they will be absent from the final product. Also, this method extract chlorophyll along with cannabinoids, which gives a bitter taste for the oil produced.

In addition to this, as this process involves different solvents, they might change the property of various compounds present in the CBD oil. Hence, you may not get the desired benefits by using this oil.

How Solvent Extraction Works?

In this process, the plant parts will be held in a container. Then the solvent will be passed through the plant materials, which will extract the cannabinoids from them. After this, solvents will be allowed to evaporate leaving the concentrated cannabinoids in an oil form.

However, during this process, if the solvent is not completely evaporated from the oil, it can make the oil toxic. Hence, consuming these products can create different health problems for people.

How Olive Oil Is Used For CBD Extraction?

Olive oil extraction is another method used for CBD extraction. This is one of the oldest methods that are in existence. Many CBD lovers evaluate this method as the best method for extracting CBD, as this method is safe, less expensive and very simple to execute.

The process involves heating the plant materials to a specific temperature for a particular amount of time. This will activate the chemicals in plants. After this, the olive oil and the plant materials will be mixed and heated again. This is when the cannabinoids and other compounds present in the plant are stripped from it. But in this process, the olive oil will not be evaporated, hence, the CBD oil you get from this process will not be concentrated as the other methods. Therefore, when a user consumes this product he/she will have to choose a dosage for compensating this problem.

Another issue associated with CBD oil that is produced using this method is that it is highly perishable in nature. Therefore, you will have to take extra care when you store this product. It should be kept in a cool and dark area, hence, it will not be suitable for many CBD producers as well as consumers.

Why Is the CO2 Extraction Method Considered Very Efficient?

CO2 extraction method is a popular CBD extraction method that is well famous among CBD lovers. This is considered as one of the most efficient methods for extracting CBD, as it provides high-quality CBD oil. Here, carbon dioxide will be used for the process of extraction instead of other solvents. This method will preserve all the cannabinoids and other compounds present in the hemp plant without altering their properties. Also, it provides CBD oil with high concentration, therefore, you will get immediate and intense results by using this product.

How CO2 Extraction Works?

This method utilizes liquefied carbon dioxide that is kept under high pressure and low temperature. It involves a special apparatus that usually have different chambers. One chamber will hold the plant material and the other will hold the liquefied or supercritical CO2. The carbon dioxide will be then passed through the plant materials, which extracts the cannabinoids along with other compounds present in the plant. This concentrate will be collected in another chamber where the CO2 will be separated from the mixture.

What Are The Benefits Of CO2 Extraction

This is the safest CBD extraction process that is available today. It will not alter the properties of the compounds present in the oil. In addition to this, you will get a dense oil that has a high concentration of CBD, other cannabinoids and plant materials. Hence, it will provide you the maximum effects. A lot of reputed companies specifically choose this product for getting high-quality CBD oil.

However, this process is very costly when compared to other processes. It needs highly expensive equipment for executing this process. Also, CO2 extraction needs great technical expertise, therefore, it is not something that can be done by your amateur chemist.

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